Meetup #1: Doing good tastes good

Our very first meetup took place on the 23rd of October 2017, and hosted at WeWork Metropool. General manager Wybo Wijnbergen announced that he was joining TP as a partner and would host our meet-ups for free. Let’s go!

Aranka van der Pol was the very first TP-speaker and shared with us how she in 2016 on the Greek island Lesvos witnessed the ‘landing’ of a group of soaked refugees who dared to make the crossing from Turkey to Greece. This experience led to the founding of Lots of Lesvos: oil, honey and sea salt from Greece offered in the Netherlands as a gift package. Part of the profits are returned to refugees in Lesvos, in particular via organisation Mosaik.

A large amount of the present entrepreneurs ordered the Lots of Lesvos packages for their own team or other relations. Aranka sold out her first batch of 1000 packages in a week. Merry Christmas!

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