Anyone can contribute. You too.

Via The Present you can use your time, expertise and network to support initiatives that are committed to refugees and newcomers. We ensure that you find the right match.

Use your time and expertise the way you want to

Help out an initiative by donating your skills


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Find a project that suits you and your skills, or sign up without choosing a project and we'll help you find a match


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Let us know what you're good at and how much time you'd like to help. A couple of hours per day, one day a week or once a month - every little bit helps!


Do what you're good at

We'll get in touch with you and introduce you to an initiative - so you can do what you're good at, and they can do what they're good at!


During our events you can get to know successful initiatives that are committed to the lives of refugees and newcomers, meet other like-minded entrepreneurs and contribute straight away by sharing your expertise on the spot.

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100% percent of the proceeds are donated to initiatives dedicated to refugees and newcomers.

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No time for a project, but still looking to contribute? Donate to our organization! Donations are used to realize events and support projects. Any amount is welcome: NL76 TRIO 0379 2093 06.