Meetup #15: Thaki to success

Although we rehearsed the webinar often enough, we were still a little nervous on the 7th – would people show up for an ‘online meetup’? And would we be able to unlock the same kind of energy in this format?

We didn’t need to worry – with 40 participants and Rudayna’s storytelling magic everything worked out just as great. Thaki collects redundant laptops from companies, loads these with educational software and sends these to children living in vulnerable circumstances, so that they can continue their (digital) education.

A mission that people, if they didn’t already, definitely have come to appreciate in the past weeks. Because without access to (digital) education, you get set back in a myriad of ways. The Dutch government donated 2,5 million euros to facilitate laptops for children in the Netherlands during COVID-19, but for many children there is no government that takes care of them. But Thaki does!

Although in this meetup format we couldn’t organise a brainstorm-and-pitch session as usual, there were no less suggestions and ideas. After Rudayna’s presentation there was time for a Q&A. Connections with large companies, funding suggestions, marketing & PR ideas were continuously posted in the chat. In the end, host Joukje managed just in time to deal with every question.

All in all, the first step of the partnership between Thaki and TPM is a success. But this is only the beginning – and as soon as the circumstances allow it we will be back with a meetup, live, in The Hague. We expect a lot of wonderful things from this cooperation. Thank you Thaki!

Missed the webinar? You can rewatch it here:

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