Meetup #8: About the birds and the Bees

In TP’s new residence Shatha Tamim and Valerie van Lanschot from NewBees took the stage. They told the audience that they believe in an inclusive society, in which the talent and experience of newcomers are an addition to Dutch culture. Their mission is to offer them a chance to participate in Dutch society straight after arriving. By joining the NewBees Traineeship they can work on their resume and build a professional network.

Shatha was once a newcomer too and settled in Zaandam. She is the living proof of how NewBees works as a bridgebuilder between newcomers and employers. She didn’t want to learn Dutch by diving into text books – no, she want to work, join the Dutch people, contribute to her new environment and learn Dutch that way. It started with many hours of volunteering work, but now Shatha has a fixed contract at NewBees.

The story hit home and led to many questions from the audience. NewBees has ambitious plans and wants to scale up. Not just in the Netherlands, but in Europe. TP is happy to assist them in their plans, in the first place by hosting this meetup. And the present entrepreneurs were also more than happy to help, as was clear in the creative pitches answering to the question: ‘What would make the difference for you as an entrepreneur to hire a NewBee today?’

Various ideas and suggestions could help NewBees forward. Valerie van Lanschot: ‘It was a very fruitful evening, which has expanded our network and led to many innovative and creative ideas’. Queen bee Annemiek Dresen said it was ‘a great night!’.

And we haven’t even mentioned the incredible lahm bi-a‘jin made by present mover Alaeddin which stilled the hunger of our busy bees…

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