Ondernemen voor de Toekomst - Amsterdam

Ondernemen voor de Toekomst, or 'Entrepeneurship for the future', is a new series of events hosted by The Present by and for social entrepreneurs. In this series we hope to explore a new narrative of entrepreneurship in which social and ecological thriveability become an integral part of business. We invite entrepreneurs to re-evaluate their role in society, introduce them to some of the best social enterprises in the field and connect like-minded people to grow our movement.

The keynote speaker for this event was Kees Klomp, lector 'meaningful economics' at the Hogeschool Rotterdam and author of Thrive. Other speakers present were Lucas Hendricks, Marnix Geus, José Komin, Suleyman Gogus and hostess Suzanne Ekel. The whole evening was brightened by the wonderful music of Syrian singer Wasim Arslan and social enterprise Sounds of Change.

'Impossible is just an opinion'- Paolo Coelho

The next edition of Entrepreneurship for the Future is on the 21st of June, in Utrecht. See you there!

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