Posted on 20 June 2023, for HealthNet TPO

Copywriter volunteer for health and mental health NGO

About HealthNet TPO

HealthNet TPO supports communities affected by conflict or disaster to regain control of their own health and wellbeing. We envision a world in which even the most vulnerable people have the inner strength to (re)-build a better future for themselves and those around them.

We work  with local communities to provide essential healthcare services, with a focus on maternal and child healthcare, sexual and gender-based violence, and the provision of mental health and psychosocial support.

We strongly believe that by working hand in hand with community members, we utilize local knowledge, expertise and resource to co-create sustainable solutions that build resilience and allow people to recover and thrive. Our approach is gender-inclusive and conflict-sensitive, ensuring equitable access to safe and dignified care for all individuals, especially the most vulnerable, like women and children.

HealthNet TPO is not an emergency NGO, it is a development one. We shift our attention from solely addressing immediate needs towards fostering long-term growth, empowering individuals and communities to not only heal themselves but also address the root causes of poverty and inequality through strengthening systems. Our approach is grounded in strengthening systems at individual, community, and institutional levels, fostering collaborative partnerships, and implementing sustainable solutions that drive transformative change and create lasting impact.

What are you going to do?

We currently operate in Afghanistan, South Sudan and Colombia, thus countries that deserve a level of sensitivity when reporting about them. Our projects support people through mental health and psychosocial services, SGBV, maternal and child health, and treatment and prevention of disease. 

We are expanding our fundraising possibilities by reviewing, rewriting, and promoting old and new content. As we are a Dutch-based international NGO, we believe that to better target the Dutch market we need to improve the Dutch language content on the website and translate articles and similar.

We are looking for a volunteer to oversee copywriting & editing for the Dutch content on the website, collaborating with the Communications and Fundraising team in the writing of website copy and translations of news articles and impact reports from our projects in Afghanistan, Burundi, Colombia and South Sudan.

Depending on the progress of our fundraising strategy and the relation with the volunteer, in the future we could expand the possibilities of the copywriting collaboration to the writing of fundraising and advocacy campaigns.

Who are you?

  • We are looking for a Dutch copywriter to translate old articles and write new ones!
  • You should have an excellent written command of the Dutch language - your writing is clear, concise and compelling. You know how to grab attention and effectively communicate the desired message. 
  • You can think outside the box and come up with original ideas and concepts.
  • Due to the sensitivity of the treated topic, you have to understand the implications of writing for an NGO and take the job seriously.
  • You can write a different amount of hours per week - never more than 4 hours a week.   

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