Posted on 15 March 2021, for Migreat

Speakers for Lopend Vuur

Migreat was looking for speakers at their wakes in Den Haag, on March 16 and 17. We found Movarid and Mahmoud, who are both connected to SoZa, who were happy to speak at the marches from their own experience. Amazing!

From the 1st until the 17th of March, in the run up to the elections, there was a fire across the Netherlands! All the way from Dokkum to The Hague and from Nuenen to Groningen wakes, journeys and pilgrimages were held to advocate for humane migration policies (#hoezogeendraakvlak).

The devastating fires in camp Moria, children growing up in mud, frozen tents, sinking ships and drowning people, the atrocities at the European borders are incredible – they must change.

-          Humane care and shelter

-          No ruthless border patrol

-          Safe escape routes

#weetwatjestemt: You decide how the next government will treat people that are on the run, seeking safety.

Speak your truth and demand a humane asylum policy! #nomoremorias


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