Posted on 13 July 2021, for Thaki

Solar Power

Thaki is a non-profit organization whose aim is to use its digital platform to empower refugee and vulnerable children to unlock their potential and become self-guided life-long learners.

They advance digital inclusion and bridge learning gaps by providing gently used laptops with preloaded educational content for underserved communities in the Middle East. They  leverage the circular economy by collecting laptops no longer needed by corporates and then repurposing them by adding multilingual interactive content for offline learning.

Most of their laptops go to Lebanon, where there is now a huge power outage issue. They are therefore looking for alternative and clean ways to charge them. Thaki would like to distribute solar power charging kits to their recipient partners. There are over 2,000 laptops that will need this! 

Please sign up for this project if you have a relevant connection for solar power charging kits (or alternative clean ways of generating electricity)! 

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